Who We Are

Digital Marketing Concierge

Timekeeper Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid and organic social media marketing. We offer personalized consulting to help you better your social media practices. We can also directly manage your paid and organic social media presence.

Social Media’s Impact

Social media is more than just a novelty or a fun way to interact with your customers. It has become a powerful resource for building brand awareness, influencing purchase decisions, and interacting directly with your customers, especially in our growing virtual world.

A successful social media strategy requires creativity, customer research, analysis and optimization. Since social media is constantly evolving, an expert partner can ensure your brand is effectively reaching customers in a way that’s unique to your business and keeping ahead of competitors. That’s where we come into play, offering both Social Media Management and Consulting services, focusing on paid media, organic social media, or both.

Get Started

Matthew Krul

President | Chief Marketing Officer

Since 2010, Matthew has been helping small businesses and global brands—including The Walt Disney Company and Kaplan Test Prep—develop highly targeted digital marketing and organic social media practices that satisfy short-term goals while building long-term brand equity.

Outside of Timekeeper Marketing, Matt manages his own brand, Imagineer Podcast, which he grew from from 0 to 100,000 followers and 500,000 downloads in three years.

Matt has supported the following brands and more:

We Provide a Dash of Pixie Dust

Succeeding on Social Media requires an effective blend of strategy, creativity, measurement and—perhaps most importantly—customer service. Matt’s background at Disney in particular enables us to create some magical customer service. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing Social Media presence or start from scratch, we can help you build your presence and strengthen your brand on several platforms.

Our Sales Process

There’s nothing more aggravating than unsolicited emails. We get them, too. That’s why our sales process is simple. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer, simply schedule a free consultation. We’re confident we can help. If there’s any reason you feel otherwise, we’ll simply ask where we fell short and pass along our contact information if you change your mind. The sales calls and emails stop there.

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