What We Do

Social Media Consulting and Management

We will create an effective Social Media strategy for your brand that will evolve with the rapidly changing Social Media landscape.

How it works: Whether you’re looking for a few new ideas, a new strategy, or a hands-on Social Media Manager, we will provide your brand with the tools you need to build and develop your Social Media pages, create engaging social content, optimize your paid media advertising, and develop a social media strategy to accomplish your objectives.

Step 1: Free Consultation

The first step with Timekeeper Marketing is to take a look at your existing social media efforts. We can help you to analyze your audience growth, engagement rate, ad performance, and more. In addition to this data, we’ll provide you with audience insights that can help you determine whether you’re reaching the right audience. While audience size is an important vanity metric, audience quality is what will truly help grow your business and convert new customers.

Step 2: Audit

After the free consultation, our next step is to get to work. Once we process an initial deposit, we’ll get to work on your comprehensive social media audit. During this phase, our goal is to determine how your social media pages have performed against your target customer base, relative to your competitors. We will provide a “bill of health” that will show every critical piece of data. This qualitative information will then be used to establish our objectives and KPIs, which will help us create an effective social media strategy.

Step 3: Organic Strategy

Organic social media encompasses all of the “free” activity on your page. With the right strategy in place, organic content (the photos, videos, and stories you post to your feed) will keep your audience engaged with your brand, build customer trust and consideration, and create valuable word-of-mouth that keeps your audience (and customer base) growing. Your social media pages are critical real estate, and an effective organic strategy will spell out how you should (and shouldn’t) use that space. No two businesses are alike, which is why we create a highly personalized organic strategy, using information from our audit and your audience to determine what, where and how you should publish content, how to evaluate performance, how to adapt and evolve your strategy over time, and much more.

Step 4: Paid Media Strategy

Paid media encompasses all of your social platform advertising campaigns. With the right strategy in place, your ads will drive customers through all stages of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, interest, conversion, retention, and advocacy. Paid media is both an art and a science, requiring ongoing testing, analysis, and optimization. To ensure an efficient campaign (minimal spend required to generate the greatest results possible), there are many factors to consider: your target audience settings, media mix, design elements, captions, headlines, ad duration, pixels, landing page experience and more. Identifying your strongest ad campaigns also requires careful analysis. After considering your organic strategy, we’ll create an effective paid media strategy that will help you attract and retain new customers while increasing brand loyalty and repeat purchases among your existing customer base.

Step 5: Management (Optional)

If you’re looking for further support, we can provide you with a comprehensive strategy and then execute those plans on behalf of your business. Once we have administrative access to your social media accounts, we can schedule your organic content and build your paid ads (according to your budget).

Step 6: Evaluation

After about a month of work, we’ll run another audit to determine how your audience and your business have responded to our new strategy. Based on this audit, we’ll provide a one-time amendment to optimize our strategy. If we are managing your organic and paid media efforts, this process will repeat itself every month through the end of our agreement.