As a Social Media professional, I know a thing or two about creating a splash on Social Media. In fact, with a budget of $0, I was able to grow my own Instagram account, @ImagineerPodcast, from 250 to 30,000 engaged followers (119x growth) in the span of one year (January 2019 vs. January 2018). I would love to help your business achieve results worth bragging about!

Social Media Consulting


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a part of a larger corporate team, or an individual looking to grow your own Social Media following, I can help you get on track with your goals. Much like a fitness coach, I’ll work with you one-on-one to evaluate your Social Media performance, answer questions and provide recommendations. This program is perfect for individuals who want to manage their own Social Media presence and are looking for a personal advisor to better understand what to do next.

How it works: With this personalized program, we’ll schedule monthly video conference calls (1 hour each) that are tailored to your individual needs. Remember, I’m here as your personal coach! As such, I’m happy to use these calls to review your Social Media dashboards, brainstorm ideas, review your content calendar, or simply answer your questions about Social Media. Each session, you’re in the driver’s seat. In between sessions, I’ll be sure to check in each week to see how you’re progressing and answer any questions you might have.

What it costs: $150 per month

Ready to get started? Send me a private message on Twitter or send an email to