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We create personalized Social Media strategies to help your business reach its goals.

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Our agency is composed of marketing specialists dedicated to building hand-crafted social media strategies. With experience supporting global brands, small businesses, and expanding organizations, we know how to create a customized plan fit for your audience, customers, and budget.

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Organic Social Media

Social Media is a two-way medium, and the best organic content engages your core audience, building trust and loyalty among your customers while stimulating word-of-mouth.

Paid Social Media

Advertising on Social Media requires a strategic approach, careful analysis and continuous adjustment. We specialize in finding the best strategy for your business.

Strategy + Execution

Our services range from a simple brainstorm session to full-service management of your social media marketing efforts. We’ll create a plan that best fits your goals and budget.

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What People Say

“Matthew always submitted near-perfect marketing tactics and was always very receptive to any feedback. Not only did he have great ideas about how to market the Disney Vacation Club product, he was also very attuned to regulatory compliance issues and brand standards, as well.”

Tony [Disney Vacation Club]

“The successful performance of a facebook advertising campaign is based upon many factors, and Timekeeper understands the intricacies of the ever changing Facebook options to reach the largest targeted audience at the most effective cost including setting up A/B testing on a variety of ads. They also kept us constantly updated on the various metrics of the campaign. We are extremely pleased with the results, and most importantly the personal attention we received from Timekeeper Marketing. We would highly recommend Timekeeper to any company looking to successfully navigate the ever changing landscape of social media advertising.” 

Bob [Siena Arte Portraiture]

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